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Gateway Trade Funding Completes 12 Stretch Finance Transactions Totaling More Than $4,700,000.

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Gateway Trade Funding, a PO and Stretch Financing company, is pleased to announce that we have recently completed the following stretch finance transactions:

    • A $600,000 facility to a manufacturing and source packaging company.
    • A $1,500,000 facility to a maintenance, fabrication, engineering and construction company.
    • A $10,000 facility to a beverage company.
    • A $675,000 facility to a computer networking center.
    • A $200,000 facility to a solar roofing company.
    • A $90,000 facility for a federal HVAC project.
    • A $100,000 facility for a packaging company.
    • A $214,000 facility for an interactive display company.
    • A $100,000 facility for a pet apparel and accessories company.
    • A $150,000 facility for a supplement and vitamin company.
    • A $500,000 facility for a non-nicotine vape company.
    • A $600,000 facility for a sanitizer and PPE company.

What is Gateway Stretch Finance? 

Gateway Stretch Finance provides immediate unsecured funding to small and medium-size businesses. With stretch finance Gateway can fund working capital inventory, work in process transactions and raw material purchases. 

Stretch finance helps businesses grow with terms ranging from 1 – 24 months, with funds being paid back daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly or via a factor takeout. The financing can be offered as lines of credit, term loans, promissory notes, and/or loans against future sales and receipts.    

Gateway Trade Funding’s services, such as PO Financing and Gateway Stretch Finance provide your clients access to the working capital they need, when they need it.

About Gateway Trade Funding

Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory.

For additional information, please visit www.gatewaytradefunding.com.