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Gateway Trade Funding Provides a $5,700,000 Purchase Order Facility to an Accessories Company.

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$5.7 MM PO Facility for an accessories companyAn accessories company had received a large order from a national retailer and needed letters of credit so their suppliers would ship the goods. They had just started working with a new factoring company that recommended partnering with Gateway Trade Funding for Purchase Order Financing.

“After considering a few PO finance companies, we chose Gateway because they got things done the quickest. We definitely made the right decision. They make things easier for me because they are thorough, on top of everything, and extremely quick. Additionally, it has been very helpful that they offer several options to make payments overseas,” commented the President and CFO of an Accessories Company.

Gateway successfully provided the accessories company with a $5,700,000 PO facility. Because of the financing from Gateway, the company was able to grow its business and improve cash flow by meeting the delivery dates of the large order.

“We are grateful for partnerships like this one with amazing factoring companies who give us the opportunity to help amazing companies grow,” said Mark Polinsky, Principal, Gateway Trade Funding. 

About Gateway Trade Funding

Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory. 

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