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Gateway Trade Funding Partners with a Factoring Company for a $1,000,000 Purchase Order Facility

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PO Funding for PPE Hand SanitizerGateway Trade Funding, a PO and Trade Financing company, is happy to announce that we recently funded a $1,000,000 purchase order facility for PPE that was referred by a factoring company.

A Factoring Company had a client that previously sold cleaning products and was looking to diversify due to the pandemic. The client was looking for financing to accept a purchase order for PPE, so the Factoring Company turned to Gateway.

Gateway successfully provided the commercial products company with a $1,000,000 PO facility allowing them to fulfill the order for PPE.

“Gateway has given us the tools and resources to be able to fund large purchase orders for key clients. Their team is professional, detail-oriented and they take a normally impersonal process and add a human element. Gateway has been instrumental in helping us fulfill orders and grow our business,” stated the Founding Owner of the Commercial Products Company.

“We are grateful for partnerships like this one with amazing factoring companies who give us the opportunity to do our part in helping secure much-needed PPE and help companies grow during these challenging times,” said Mark Polinsky, Principal, Gateway Trade Funding. 

About Gateway Trade Funding

Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory. 

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