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Podcast interview: Why alternative lenders, such as PO Lenders, are an invaluable tool.

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Funding universe podcast po lenders are an invaluable tool

Mark Polinsky, Principal at Gateway Trade Funding, was recently interviewed on the Funding Universe podcast. The podcast covers funding topics for businesses.

In the podcast you will learn more about:

  • Mark’s background and how he ended up at Gateway Trade Funding.
  • The different types of PO Financing including the 4 segments.
  • The different stages in which a company can benefit from and use PO Funding.
  • What happens when the customer reneges on the purchase order they gave you that you have funded.
  • Why and how you can use PO Financing if you have another loan in place.
  • How alternative lenders, including PO lenders, are an invaluable tool for start-ups. Plus, how they can help owners hold on to more equity in their companies.