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Gateway Trade Funding Partners with a Factoring Company for a $750,000 Purchase Order Facility for a Consumer Goods Company

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PO Funding for a consumer goods companyA relatively new consumer goods company focusing on personal mobility products was working with a factoring company. They received a large order from a big-box retailer with challenging terms. Due to recent supply chain delays, the customer refused to issue a firm Purchase Order until the goods arrived in the US.  Their factoring company recommended working with Gateway Trade Funding to find a way to accept the order.

Gateway found a way to ensure the company’s large order could be funded despite these challenges. They provided the consumer electronics company with a $750,000 purchase order facility.

“Gateway is allowing us to remove friction with our customers by shortening the delivery time of our products during our busy season and beyond. Having purchase order financing as a tool in our financial tool kit is invaluable and a necessity for all growth companies,” said the co-founder of the consumer goods company.

With the financing from Gateway, the company now has the bridge they need that complements their other financing options. They expect to be in an excellent position to grow their direct-to-consumer business and their sales to big box stores.

“During these ever-changing times, it is wonderful to be able to help amazing companies like this through these unprecedented challenges. Purchase order financing is an invaluable tool for companies. It provides them with the opportunity to grow by accepting large orders they might not otherwise be able to,” said Mark Polinsky, Principal, Gateway Trade Funding.

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Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory. 

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