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Gateway Trade Funding Provides a $600,000 Purchase Order Facility to a Canadian Portable Charger Company.

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Small business financing for a Canadian portable charger company.A Canadian company selling portable chargers was awarded a large retail opportunity with one of the largest US retailers. With this new opportunity, they needed cash flow assistance for inventory and operations. A bank referred them to Gateway Trade Funding.

Gateway provided the working capital they needed through a $600,000 PO facility that could help them fulfill the order and achieve their sales goals.

“A friend referred me to Gateway when we were experiencing a significant strain on our cash flow after being awarded a large opportunity with one of the largest US retailers. The Gateway team has been extremely responsive and attentive, helping us to navigate the challenges a Canadian company faces when accessing US funding. Without the funding, it would have been arduous for us to achieve our sales goals. I will gladly refer Gateway to others who need cash flow assistance for inventory and operations,” commented the Founder and CEO of a portable charger company.

With the financing from Gateway, the Company now has the additional working capital they need to cover inventory and operations to take on this and other large new opportunities.

“Our purchase order financing is ideal for companies like this one because it allows them to purchase the quantity of product needed to take on new large orders,” said Mark Polinsky, Principal of Gateway Trade Funding.    

About Gateway Trade Funding

Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory.

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