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How we work with you

Often, a company’s greatest challenge is not sales or production, but simply locating the financing to procure pre-sold merchandise.  Companies in nearly 100 industries have benefitted from Gateway Trade Finance’s innovative purchase order financing.  We have provided well over 1,000 different fundings totaling approximately $100-million.

  • Gateway Trade Funding provides purchase order financing and letters of credit.
  • Gateway can provide up to 100% of the inventory financing to fulfill solid orders for its product.
  • We look for a proven management expertise, a reliable source of supply and a clean repayment mechanism,
  • Gateway Trade Funding provides off-balance-sheet financing, which can replace equity investment and greatly extend a company’s working capital.
  • Unlike banks, other factors or asset-based lenders, Gateway is repaid directly from the supplier’s accounts receivable.

  • And, unlike many other finance companies, Gateway is extremely flexible in its approach.

  • Each financing option is expertly customized for each Gateway client.

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Client engages with Gateway to provide a letter of credit or other funding accommodation to the client’s supplier to enable the supplier to ship goods to the client’s retail customer.