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Gateway Trade Funding Partners with a Factoring Company to Provide a $3,000,000 Purchase Order Facility to a Healthcare Supplies Wholesale Distribution Company.

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PPE Financing for a healthcare wholesale distribution companyA healthcare supplies wholesale distribution company received a large contract for PPE from a state government. They lacked the working capital to fill the order. Their factoring company recommended working with Gateway Trade Funding to find a way to accept the order.

Gateway found a way to ensure that the company could deliver the products to its customers without constraining its cash flow by providing them with a $3,000,000 PO facility.

“Gateway provided the funding advancement we needed to deliver a substantial amount of product to a state government agency. With PO financing, we are able to keep our cash in our business and fill orders without expending our working capital,” said the CEO of the healthcare supplies wholesale distribution company.

With the financing from Gateway, the company now has the additional funding they need that complements their other financing options. They expect to be in an excellent position to grow their business.

“Our purchase order financing is ideal for companies like this healthcare supplies wholesale distribution company. It allows them to purchase the quantity of product needed to take on new large contracts without expanding their existing capital,” said Mark Polinsky, Principal, Gateway Trade Funding. 

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Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory.

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