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Gateway Trade Funding Provides a $1,300,000 Purchase Order Facility to a Specialty Accessories Company.

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Purchase Order Facility to a Specialty Accessories CompanyA specialty accessories company had experienced two years of growth of over 30%. They lacked the working capital to support the continued growth. They contacted a broker who recommended they speak with Gateway Trade Funding about Purchase Order Financing.

Gateway found a way to ensure that the company could deliver the products to its customers without constraining its cash flow by providing them with a $1,300,000 PO facility.

“Gateway’s PO Financing coupled with A/R Factoring provides a much-needed cashflow cushion during our peak crunch periods. With all the supply chain delays over the last two years, working with Gateway helps us land goods earlier to offset some of those uncontrollable supply chain woes. Plus, it eliminates any additional delays due to cashflow management,” commented the CEO of the specialty accessories company.

With the financing from Gateway, the company now has the additional funding they need to be in a better position to outperform its competition and delight its clients, which will propel its growth again next year.

“It is incredible to have opportunities to work with amazing companies like this one to demonstrate the impact PO financing has on cash flow management. In addition, we are working to help them streamline their financial processes over time to maximize efficiency,” said Mark Polinsky, Principal, Gateway Trade Funding. 

About Gateway Trade Funding

Gateway Trade Funding specializes in providing purchase order financing to support our clients by providing funding to their manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory.

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