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Export Finance

Grow International Markets with Export Finance from Gateway Trade Funding. 

Inadequate working capital causes small and mid-size domestic entrepreneurs to be unable to pursue foreign transactions and penetrate foreign markets. Export Finance from Gateway Trade Funding is the solution.

Export Finance Helps Grow International Markets

How Export Financing Works:

US Supplier/Client

Product is inspected and then ships to International Customer. Shipping documents and invoices are sent to Gateway Trade Funding.


Advances funds to the US Supplier and “assigns” documents and invoice to foreign in-country Import Factor (member of FCI).

Foreign Customer

Pays foreign Import Factor.

Import Factor

Pays Gateway Trade Funding.


Remits balance of proceeds (after deducting funds advanced and fees) to US Supplier/Client.

Benefits of the Export Financing Program from Gateway Trade Funding Include:

  • Open new foreign markets and increase sales by selling products to international customers on favorable open account terms.
  • Increase immediate cash availability – international invoices are eligible collateral.
  • Reduce the risk of international markets and customers.
    • Protection against international credit losses
    • Through import factors located in customers’ country access to knowledge of culture and legal systems, languages, insurance policies, and credit due diligence.

Who Can Benefit from Export Finance from Gateway Trade Funding?

  • Companies expanding into international markets.

  • Companies growing more quickly than their available credit lines can accommodate.

  • Companies needing to augment their current borrowing basis.

  • Companies lacking resources to credit qualify, administer and/or collect accounts receivable of international customers.

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What Our Clients Say

"Gateway’s Purchase Order Finance Program has allowed us to pursue larger sales opportunities that previously we couldn’t handle financially."